Digital Approaches to Fine Art: Afterthoughts

So as one last assignment, we have been asked to reflect on digital approaches to fine art after having spent a semester researching and making digital art. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea exactly how broad of an area digital art is. The notion of “digital approaches to fine art”, I have come to find, includes not just Photoshop and photography, but also video art, sound art, and the Internet itself, to name a few. It also refers to the ways in which various media can be used, either to evoke a certain response from the viewer, or to explore new uses of new media.

The digital art world often references the ever growing impact that technology has on our daily lives, making it an art form that is quite relevant to our times. More and more frequently, artists use the technology that we see on a day to day basis in order to create art that comments on the omnipresence of technology in our lives. So in a way, I guess my thoughts on digital art have remained somewhat the same: in an age when technology has become intertwined with how we go about our lives, it seems only natural that art has evolved in such a way that it uses digitalized media to comment on current culture. What has changed, however, is my understanding of the various levels that digital art acts on. As an art form, it is extremely thought provoking in that deals with the immediate present – as technology is an ever evolving category, so is digital art. It is also an extremely exciting art form because it goes far beyond traditional techniques, pushing the limits of what art is and how various media can be used, while pushing the viewer’s understanding of the work.

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